Hello Human.
We are Lemin.

Building a Safer & More Accessible World

We design around human needs, and create security products and services that are universally accessible, and easy for all.

Human by Design, Universal by Nature.

Nobody should be stopped from achieving their goals because of cultural difference, age, or any other barrier. We design for human needs, to make the lives of everyone, everywhere, easier.
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Simple = Possible.

Always simple and intuitive, our products and services knock down the walls between user and service. Between customer and purchase. Between businesses and their ideal solutions.
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Good for Humans, Bad for Bots.

Our industry-leading technology is simple and accessible for humans, but bad news for bots and other threats.
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Lemin's Mission

We are bringing warmth and simplicity to the cold and frustrating world of security solutions.

Lemin was born from our team’s pain and frustration with current security solutions. We know how it feels to be stopped from

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Our Future

We want to live in a safer, universally accessible world.

Everything we do is done with the purpose of creating a safer and more accessible world for everyone. We believe that by designing for human

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Meet the Humans
Behind Lemin.

Capy team is driven by a mission to help create a safer, more accessible world, through their unique security platform. Always at the heart of Lemin Captcha, is their belief that security should be human by design and accessible to all.

Veterans in the security sector, the team have previously received awards from 500Startups and Microsoft Ventures.

Like to meet the team and get to know us better? We’d like to meet you too! Please book a slot on our calendar.

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Hello Lemin.

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