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Lemin Captcha offers simple yet powerful protection from brute-force login attacks, credential stuffing and other automated threats.

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Lemin Captcha

Lemin Captcha is uniquely playful, robust, and effective.  Through gamification, we are curing 
the pains of traditional CAPTCHA.

How Lemin
Captcha Helps You

Better customer experiences

Lemin Captcha’s game-based design makes services universally accessible for users. Easy to understand and instantly recognizable, user experiences are simple, fast and fun.

Set-up in under 5 minutes

Implementing a Lemin Captcha is simple and fast. Just pick up a JS tag then paste it into your website. That’s all! You can find plugins for common website technology here.

Boost customer conversion

With Lemin Captcha you can reduce drop off rates by 20%. Not only is Lemin Captcha way more fun, it’s also more effective than traditional Captcha. It reduces user help desk tickets too!

Brand Your Captchas

Make security steps a part of your brand experience by customizing Captchas using your own images and branding. Integrating discount codes and other branded content is easy.

Integrated Reporting Tool & Dashboard

See detailed stats on user retention and volume of attacks, then set your perfect security level. Balance ease of use with security. With Lemin Captcha you’re not only safe and secure, but in total control.

Why does protection matter to you?

Attacks against websites are becoming more serious and frequent every day. The risk to your business and customers is hugely increased by not having login protection in place. Here’s why.

Criminals are taking over users’ accounts

Criminals are taking over users' accounts, then blackmailing them into paying money to retrieve access. This is stressful for users and damaging to businesses.

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The growing threat of data breaches

Unfortunately, data breaches are becoming more common. Once stolen, data can be used to access other sites, or to attack your site at a later date.

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The painful cost of recovery

60% of small and medium sized businesses shut down within six months of a breach.

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Most technical solutions fall short

Real users are too often turned away by false positives. This is a big problem if it occurs frequently.

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Why People Love Lemin

Muttalip Olgun
CEO, Retainable
We love that Lemin can be tailored to match our branding and design.

One of the major draws was the ability to customize Captchas. A lot of the other Captchas we tried were kind of ugly and distracted from the design of our website. The easy-to-adjust security levels are also extremely helpful.

Jan Margold
Business Owner
Before Lemin, my team was wasting so much time and budget filtering out bot accesses.

Through using Lemin, we quickly discovered that bots were generating ⅔ of access. We have since been able to cut out unnecessary resources and labor time.

Why Robots Hate Lemin

Malicious Bot
Lemin makes it impossible for me to do my job. I got detected immediately. Lemin lets their customers do risk-scoring and dynamically control security, which is great for them but sucks for me and my pals.
Account Hacking Bot
Umbrella Corp.
Dear Lemin, Please stop constantly updating your algorithms. It doesn’t give us a chance. No fair!!! It’s like you’re getting smarter every day…

Hello Lemin.

Say hello to universally accessible and robust security solutions.